404 Commits (master)

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  katherine 1da029727b
support epub in rifle 1 month ago
  katherine f799eb60e0
update vim spellfile 1 month ago
  katherine 0c31991b9a
use lynx for html mail over w3m 2 months ago
  katherine 3fe06e664a
fix .zprofile-dtach globbing 2 months ago
  katherine 24ca411874
add every syntax file to vimrc 2 months ago
  katherine 9eb9a2dc9f
add ultisnips 2 months ago
  katherine 1dd672f5bb
update syntax colours 2 months ago
  katherine fb3c9d513f
update readme 2 months ago
  katherine bc06b8ae7e
use tmpdir in vars 2 months ago
  katherine 965f07eb38
update readme 2 months ago
  katherine bac7b53193
detect .h and .re (re2c) as c files 2 months ago
  katherine 7fc05b6621
missed files 2 months ago
  katherine 97ce09e6f6
use picom, use sxiv fork, and new theme 2 months ago
  katherine 8628d44b1b
minor changes to vimrc 2 months ago
  katherine c8146cebc7
add inkscape to rifle for svg 2 months ago
  katherine fe3dc8c12f
update spellfile 2 months ago
  katherine 8a9da0163d update newsboat urls 2 months ago
  katherine c6d98885c7
better keymap handling in zshrc 5 months ago
  katherine a6f0649402 newsboat url 5 months ago
  katherine a7139f17b0
add env shebangs for herbstluftwm things 5 months ago
  katherine 3ee2e833d6 clean zsh stuff 6 months ago
  katherine eb811856e2 vimspell 6 months ago
  katherine 3a26f1a6f4
use a new c indentation style 7 months ago
  katherine 40195ec4af
miscellaneous 7 months ago
  katherine 021b56a5ab
move vim plugins to gitea 8 months ago
  katherine e4ffc753ee
move envars to .zshenv where they belong 8 months ago
  katherine f466b5219f
move beet imp to bottom in rifle conf 8 months ago
  katherine 348dda287b
add amutt alias to .zshrc-linux-desktop 8 months ago
  katherine ee6f10a7ef migrate from github to self-hosted gitea 9 months ago
  katherine f943de6fcf Merge branch 'master' of github.com:shmibs/dotfiles 9 months ago
  katherine 40ac41cff7
fix audio-convert and helper functions 9 months ago
  katherine 8f275568be
switch vimrc settings functions to script-private 9 months ago
  katherine 70c93798db
update ssh-related aliases 9 months ago
  katherine b5a031e35c
cut cabal from zprofile 9 months ago
  katherine 120632b411
add fontforge to rifle 9 months ago
  katherine 91f9973209
add a certain person's localtime to clock 9 months ago
  katherine 3760fe9f4a add pgp support for mutt 9 months ago
  katherine 7b74b920e2 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:shmibs/dotfiles 10 months ago
  katherine 2fbc2465e1 snap 10 months ago
  katherine 6bd67053c6 use w3m for html dump 1 year ago
  katherine d25cec2320 clean wait-anim 1 year ago
  katherine cda3ce7be6 add time elapsed to progress-bar 1 year ago
  katherine 8612af96ca clean conversion script and add progress bar 1 year ago
  katherine db947a1f55 add fancy new functions, with shared helpers 1 year ago
  katherine 5b7c0ef6b8 new feeds 1 year ago
  katherine 603894306c update fonts to match new names 1 year ago
  katherine d168ec3c5e synchronise common prompts 1 year ago
  katherine 8a1a6e4104 prompt tweak 1 year ago
  katherine 18272b9d26 spell snap 1 year ago
  katherine a72dd63681 add a nice prompt for utop 1 year ago