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katherine 5741287039 new font
also switch droid sans mono -> noto mono
2 months ago
alacritty new keyboard 1 year ago
beets remove acousticbrainz 5 months ago
firejail miscellaneous 4 years ago
herbstluftwm rule for new kanji draw 2 months ago
init new font 2 months ago
mpv update mpv confs 5 years ago
newsboat newsboat urls 2 months ago
picom use picom, use sxiv fork, and new theme 4 years ago
pms snapshot 7 years ago
qmk_firmware/keyboards/keebio/nyquist/keymaps/ageha add persistent FN toggle 12 months ago
ranger optipng -> oxipng 3 months ago
sxiv/exec add krita to sxiv handler 2 years ago
.lambda-term-inputrc move lambda term rc to xdg_config_home 3 years ago
redshift.conf initial commit 10 years ago
user-dirs.dirs fixed vim indenting 9 years ago