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Dunst is a highly configurable and lightweight notification daemon.



Dunst has a number of build dependencies that must be present before attempting configuration. The names are different depending on distribution:

  • dbus
  • libxinerama
  • libxrandr
  • libxss
  • libxdg-basedir
  • glib
  • pango/cairo
  • libgtk-3-dev


git clone
cd dunst
sudo make install

Make parameters

  • PREFIX=<PATH>: Set the prefix of the installation. (Default: /usr/local)
  • MANPREFIX=<PATH>: Set the prefix of the manpage. (Default: ${PREFIX}/share/man)
  • SYSTEMD=(0|1): Enable/Disable the systemd unit. (Default: detected via pkg-config)
  • SERVICEDIR_SYSTEMD=<PATH>: The path to put the systemd user service file. Unused, if SYSTEMD=0. (Default: detected via pkg-config)
  • SERVICEDIR_DBUS=<PATH>: The path to put the dbus service file. (Default: detected via pkg-config)

Make sure to run all make calls with the same parameter set. So when building with make PREFIX=/usr, you have to install it with make PREFIX=/usr install, too.

Checkout the wiki for more information.

Bug reports

Please use the issue tracker provided by GitHub to send us bug reports or feature requests. You can also join us on the IRC channel #dunst on Freenode.



written by Sascha Kruse

copyright 2013 Sascha Kruse and contributors (see LICENSE for licensing information)

If you feel that copyrights are violated, please send me an email.