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replace USE/REGISTER_TEARDOWN with TEARDOWN 1 year ago
  katherine cae280b324
add macro settings for colour and print fun 1 year ago
  katherine 1cc20f0b45
use Unlicense 1 year ago
  katherine d09a5228ed clean pedantic warnings 2 years ago
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  katherine 742aeab8b2 clean rewrite new version 2 years ago
  shmibs 24b2890940 Update simple-test.h 4 years ago
  katherine a506c233b9 insert forgotten while guards 4 years ago
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  shmibs c4323ab306 remove redundant docs 4 years ago
  shmibs 00580832ba implement type checking 4 years ago
  shmibs 9f0e6f1d36 add bool to generic macros 4 years ago
  shmibs deb22aa99c add bool assertions 4 years ago
  shmibs a44c8ce0f2 implement generic macros 4 years ago
  shmibs 011d01f447 fix incorrect line number 4 years ago
  shmibs 8aea0b1ca3 update usage pdf 4 years ago
  shmibs 502bcf5794 cleanup for version 1.0 4 years ago
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