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katherine 8d1c1f29ae phrasing 3 years ago
katherine a5cd6a6ef1 few more subs 3 years ago
katherine 0b60ac5120 use Encode to keep subs from exploding things 4 years ago
katherine 6d5943a272 minor README update 4 years ago
katherine ef3b2893ce move greentext to subs script 4 years ago
katherine 23ccb70165 use double eval to handle group vars 4 years ago
katherine 6a9859fcb1 couple new substitutions 4 years ago
katherine faf1127ba2 updated wat.pl, for some reason 4 years ago
katherine bb30bd7c73 more subs 5 years ago
katherine b38c17858f more subs 5 years ago
katherine e0cbf67f19 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/shmibs/weechat-scripts 5 years ago
katherine bc7cc0774b not sure why i updated this 5 years ago
shmibs 68361ab237 Merge pull request #1 from pfrenssen/master 6 years ago
shmibs 267e6ff5df Update README 6 years ago
shmibs 7da89a0466 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/shmibs/weechat-scripts 6 years ago
shmibs 41af745a71 added script for easy substitutions 6 years ago
shmibs 1b796227ca Update README 7 years ago
shmibs 340401869c added greentext.pl 7 years ago
Pieter Frenssen c5b882681d Allow to pass additional arguments. 8 years ago
shmibs aa48597b93 removed unnecessary use dependency 8 years ago
shmibs e68c022d28 Update README 8 years ago
shmibs 899c613c23 clean things up and expand word list 8 years ago
shmibs 717fb52f8c clean up punctuation handling 8 years ago
shmibs 6418813043 added shuffling and maintaining the position of punctuation 8 years ago
shmibs 4749dde6d1 if deleting lines, don't replace words 8 years ago
shmibs 6375e61da4 added wat.pl 8 years ago
shmibs e0abcad8e1 actually fixed wrapping 8 years ago
shmibs 16031413f1 fixed readme width to avoid wrapping 8 years ago
shmibs a6f7e1f27b added readme listing functionality 8 years ago
shmibs 8debec008e initial commit 8 years ago